PNG Converter (Updated 02-22-2014)

I was recently downloading my iPhone pictures and adding them to Lightroom. Lightroom can’t handle PNG files, which occur occasionally in my camera roll when I take a screenshot. It is easy to convert them into JPGs but I noticed that the creation and modified date are set to the current date and time, not the date and time that the PNG was created. This is typically not a problem except that it changes the ordering and flow of my iPhone pictures. I don’t want a bunch of screenshots from my iPhone all clumped together showing that they were just created. I decided to write a small bash script to fix this.

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Time Parser

Since I started working at Xandem, I have to keep track of the hours I work and enter them into a time card. I have no problem writing the times I come and go, but it is annoying to then have to calculate how many hours I actually worked. Sometimes, the amount of hours can get complicated, say for example, you come into work in the morning, leave in the afternoon to run some errands, come back in the evening, and take a 10 minute break. The math is not difficult, it is just monotonous.

I decided to create a script that could take care of this repetitive task for me. As I thought more about how to accomplish this, I noticed that I have a specific way of writing the time that I worked. On a normal day, my time worked might look something like “8:05 AM to 4:12 PM”. If I take a lunch, then it might look like “8:05 AM to 4:12 PM - 45 min”. I wanted this script to be flexible enough that I could handle any combination of time ranges (“8:05 AM to 4:12 PM”) and time adjustments (+/- 45 min). As I thought about how I would parse this time text, some of the things I learned from my compilers class started coming back to me. I decided that I would try to implement the ideas from that class (as well as I could remember).

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SearchLink for Python and Editorial

I have been using SearchLink for a few months and love it. If you have never used it, you should read more about it on Brett Terpstra’s Project Page. To summarize, SearchLink allows you to write Markdown links using search terms instead of a URL. This script then goes through, uses its magic to search for those terms online and switches them out with the correct URL. It is a pretty powerful script and helps save a lot of time when you are writing in Markdown.

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Day One Lightroom Plug-in

I have been working on a plug-in for Lightroom to export pictures to Day One. I was annoyed that I had to export pictures from Lightroom and then import those pictures into Day One, so I decided to create a plug-in that automated the process for me. The plug-in is still in development, but it is coming along nicely. For more information or to download and use it, you can go to the github page. Feel free to let me know if you run into any problems.

Day One Custom Styling

I love Day One. It is by far my favorite journaling app. I use it to take notes in my classes, record thoughts about my research, and anything else that I feel like I need to record.

One thing that I wish Day One would add is customizable styling. Sometimes it is nice to change how the different headers look and their sizes or what colors are being used for links. After digging around, I found that there are some ways you can change the styling of Day One, but it involves modifying the contents of the app.

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