Day One Quick Look Plug-in

A Quick Look Plug-in that allows you to look at Day One entries (.doentry) using Quick Look. It is based on Brett Terpstra’s MultiMarkdown Quick Look with Style.

Blog Redesign

A complete redesign of my wife’s blog.

Day One Lightroom Plug-in

A plug-in that allows you to export pictures from Lightroom into Day One. It will use the picture’s meta data (such as time taken, location, and tags) to create an entry inside of Day One. It supports journals located in iCloud, Dropbox, and any other location.

Redirect Attack

I worked with a group of students to develop a wireless security exploit. This exploit (called redirect attack), allows a man in the middle to block a redirect from an insecure website to a secure website and instead sent their own web page. The URL will stay the same, the only difference being that the website is not https, but we suspect that many normal users would not notice that. To find out more, you can read our report.


Y-Clops is an autonomous robot that uses sensors (camera, GPS, compass, and lidar) and path planning to navigate an obstacle course. I was one of nine students on the team who designed, built, and programmed Y-Clops from the ground up. My main responsibility was programming the camera. I used OpenCV to process the image data in real time to find obstacles.